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For the first time in Ethiopia, there is a firearm law enforcement and use law

Gun ownership and use rules are being set aside to avoid an escalation of the illegal trafficking of arms. The director of the Federal Attorney General of the Prosecutor of the Federal Supreme Attorney General, Ayalye Yirga, told The Police and the Reporter that although there is no law on any weapon, the law is still being drafted this year. He added that the law provides for the licensing of arms and ammunition.
He also indicated that the ability of armed forces to provide weapons, distribute, and sell weapons through a high-risk organization, A source told Mizzima that a government organization that oversees the handling and use of weapons is experiencing an experience in the country. "In our country, the community is shown to protect themselves from weapons, to protect their enemies, and to protect their property.
However, some illegal organs have been shown to alter the illegal activities in the community. All this should be prevented, "said the official, who added that the new law" is a lie that the government is about to wear armament. " What is the future of weapon handling in the future? What kind of equipment should the community use? Said it was explicitly stated.
Also, how should the community that is occupied with the Standard Volume be accommodated? Shall be expressed by the Proclamation. "An automatic rifle is capable of shooting two or more shots in an automatic rifle, and in other countries, automatic rifles are able to shoot two or more shots at two or more thunderstorms with a rifle. It's a matter of the Proclamation. " On the other hand, General Director, Berhanu Yirga, told WIC that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has different tools for handling the security of the armored personnel carriers.
Meanwhile, a total of 4,492 gunshot and 370 bronze shots were detained in Bahirdar. The Bahir Dar branch office announced that 4,500 493 fighter jets and 370 brigades were seized in the center of Metema through Metema. These estimated 306,640 birr shots were taken by local members of the Federal Police, and the detainees were also detained.